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Interview with Tyus Edney Euro All-Star Game MVP

Aslak Klever, Norway: You won the NCAA championship with the UCLA Bruins, you had some great teammates including Toby Bailey, George Zidec, Cameron Dollar and the O'Bannon brothers. Do you feel that you guys have failed to meet the publics expectations when regarding play on pro level?
EDNEY: No, I think we have all done well in college and continue to want to do well on the professional level if it is in the US or elsewhere
Arunas: What was your basketball idol when you were young? And what do you think about Michael Jordan?
EDNEY: Isiah Thomas. He's the best player to ever play the game
Giedrius, Juozas Jokubauskas: Do you miss Lithuania, where you were for us the God? Where do you like playing more: in Zalgiris last year or in Italy.  Where are more beautiful girls: in Lithuania or Italy?
EDNEY: Yes, it was a lot of fun playing in Lithuania, I like them both and it is the same for the girls
Edgars, Poland: Please, compare your season in Italy and previous season in Lithuania in terms of basketball style, teammates, fans and countries!
EDNEY:  Italian league is very tough and every game you have to play well the style is very physical and the fans are really into the games here in Italy. Similar to the Euroleague games last year in Lithuania.
Joshua Staub, LA, CA: Bruin fans still talk about you. Will we ever get to see you play pro ball in the U.S. again?
EDNEY: I don't know, maybe you'll have to come to Italy
Aras Bulls: What was your most favourite moment in your career, the one when you played in BC Zalgiris?
EDNEY:  In college the drive against Missouri when I made a last second shot
Aras Bulls: What do you think about BC Zalgiris this season? Are you still following their games? Do you keep contact with some of the Zalgiris players?
EDNEY: Yes, they are having a difficult season but I know they are trying to do their best, and I still talk to George+Anthony, and I see  Adomaitis and Stombergas
Koby, Israel: You have already some experience on European courts. Who are the best 5 players in europe for youre opnion?
EDNEY: It's hard to say, I think the guys in the Euroleague all star games
Gianni Pascucci, Italia: After a little period of crisis, the situation now in Benetton is much better. What do you think how the team plays and what future can you forecast for the team both in Euroleagua and in Itelian Legue ?
EDNEY: I think the team is continuing to improve to learn to play with each other better. I feel good about us doing well in both leagues.
Gianni Pascucci, Italia: After only some time, it seems you have adapted well to the European way of play and coaching, something that not all the point guards from USA manage to do. But, please, which are in your opinion the main defferences between the NCAA way of coaching, the NBA and the European one ?
EDNEY: NCAA you are young so the coaches try to teach more discipline and fundamentals of the game. The NBA is the pleasure so coaches try to prepare more for games, and they teach more about the NBA style and about others players and not as much fundamentals. European coaches want to get the most out of their teams and try to focus on the improvement of the team as a whole.