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Final Four

Panathinaikos-Maccabi Tel Aviv  73-67

Maccabi Tel Aviv-Barcelona 65-51

Panathinaikos  -Efes Pilsen 

Panathinaikos pass over Efes (81-71) and goes to the final!
THESSALONIKI - In the final again? Again, and... again. Panathinaikos saw to everybody that this Final-Four was... made for him, and won easily Efes Pilsen 81-71 qualifing to the final of the Euroleague's Final-Four for second time in its history. Second time for Panathinaikos but sixth for a Greek club at the last seven years. If this is not a record, then, which is?
Infornt of 3.000 of his fans, the "greens" played almost excellent against fighting but unexperienced guys of Efes Pilsen. The fact that Panathinaikos had more and better solutions coming from the bench was known before the game and was showned during the game. After five minutes of play (12-12) Panathinaikos began to... ride like the wind. At 9th minute was up by 10 (26-16) thanks to Bodiroga and Rebraca, at 16th minute up by 12 (36-24) and after two consecutive three point "bombs" by captain Fragiskos Alvertis at 25th minute, went to +16 (57-41). The deference went to 18 point 8 minutes to the end (69-51) and the celebration at the stands began. Efes, tried with Mulaomerovic to get closer than 8-10 points, but Panathinaikos couldn't miss this win.
-PANATHINAIKOS: Alvertis 11, Koch 3, Rogers 9, Fotsis 5, Gentile 7, Bodiroga 22, Rebraca 15, Burke 4, Kattash 5
EFES PILSEN: Mulaomerovic 14, Turkoglou 15, Onan 3, Vekiloglou 3, Kutluay 8, Besok 13, Winslow 4, Drobnjak 11

The Maccabi vs Barcelona game

Maccabi Tel Aviv-Barcelona 65-51 (38-22)
Maccabi won against F.C Barcelona and climbed to the final of the European league, which will take place in Thessaloniki on Thursday and will meet Panatenaikos.
This will be the 8th time that Maccabi get to the final and the first time after 11 years.
More than 1,500 yellow fans in the arena and few millions in Israel held fingers for the team and that worked.
Barca reached 6 times to the Final 4 in the last 10 years (5 of these times were in the final) but never took the cup.
Maccabi's starting lineup was McDonald, Sharp, Henefeld, Comegys and Huffman.
Both teams opened the game pretty weak and Roberto Duenas ruled under the basket and took in the beginning 5 offensive rebounds while Maccabi took only 1 during all the game.
Derrick Sharp brought the Tel Aviviens to their first lead, 6-5 and from now on Maccabi kept leading during all the game.
Huffman put Duenas in a fouls trouble and scored 8 points in a row and Maccabi ran to 16-9.
The yellows defence worked very well and Barcelona kept throwing block from outside.
A threepointer by Mark Brisker and another points by Huffman set 23:11.
Brisker (pictured with maybe his best game in Europe since he moved to Maccabi, scored 5 points in a row and gave wonderful defence. 30-15 to Maccabi Tel Aviv (15).
Henefeld, Sheffer and Huffman scored from the line and the score was 38-17 (the biggest gap this game).
The Half ended with 16 points differential and Barca seemed very miserable.
The shooting percents in the half time were: Maccabi 100% for 1, 64% for 2 and 50% for 3, while Barcelona scored 90% for 1 but only 27% for 2 and 12% for 3.
In the second half, Sheffer scored a shot from beyond the arch but Barcelona returned to the game and set only 41-33 for Maccabi.
Maccabi returned to control the game (48-33) after few brilliant moves by Nadav and Derrick.
Sheffer knocked down another threepointer and Maccabi led by 18, but few minutes to the end, the Spanish ran 11-2 and the gap went down to only 9.
Huffman from Maccabi and Goldwire from Barca started to make their own fight and each one of them scored 6 in a row.
Anyway it was to late for Barcelona and the yellows in the crowd went wild.
Sheffer finished a fast break and the final score was 65-51.
Like you can see, Maccabi had another fantastic day in the defence and all the compliments goes to Nadav Henefeld and Dallas Comegys which totally paralyzed their players.
Huffman scored 24 and grabbed 5 boards, Brisker finished with 15 points and Sheffer had 12

1/4 Finals

Panathinaikos – Cibona 76-62 ,69-63

Maccabi Tel-Aviv – Paf Bologna
62-65 ,80-73

Barcelona – Union Olimpija

Efes Pilsen – ASVEL Villeurbanne
93-85 ,60-77

Barcelona – Union Olimpija 70-67
Barcelona 70 (33+37): Goldwire (6), Navarro (13), Gurovic (8), Alston (11), Elson (-) -starting lineup-, Rodríguez (4), Rentzias (11), De la Fuente (2), Dueñas (7) and Gasol (8).
Olimpija Ljubliana 67 (32+35): Jasikevicius (14), Zdovc (8), Milic (3), Golemac (8), Brezac (5) -starting lineup-, Becirovic (7), Duscak (2), Kotnik (12) and Paravinja (8).
He did once again, Anthony Goldwire (in the pic) sank an 8 meters 3 pointer to give Barcelona the first win in these 1/4 Finals.
In the first half the game didn't have so much quality, both teams have felt the pressure of such an important game.Only some great actions by Joan Carles Navarro and veteran Jure Zdovc have added some spicy sauce to the game.
9 of the 10 Olimpija players have scored during the first half while Barcelona improved its defensive level when Roberto Dueñas entered the game.
At halftime the score has been 33 - 32 after an Alston layup.
In the second half the score has always been really close and both teams knew that the final was going to be decided in the final minutes.
With 13 secs left Olimpija had 2 FT shots (Becirovic) with a 3 points deficit, Becirovic hit the first and missed the second, then Kotnink got the offensive rebound and tied the game. Then Anthony Goldwire caught the ball , dribbled all the court and sank a great 3 pointer to clinsh the first game.

Efes Pilsen – ASVEL Villeurbanne 93-85

Efes Pilsen: 93- Damir Mulaömeroviç (23), Hidayet Türkoglu (13), Ömer Onan (0), Ibrahim Kutluay (22), Hüseyin Besok (12), Ricky Winslow (0), Predrag Drobnjak (pic) (23).
Asvel Lyon Villeurbanne: 85- Mous Sonko (24), Jay Larranaga (19), Laurent Pluvy (3), Shea Seals (0), Joakim Blom (2), Marlon Maxey (25), Stephane Lauvergne (2), Jim Bilba (10).
Efes Pilsen has come to the front door of the Final Four only to have the door shut in their face a total of four time..Barcelona, Asvel, Benetton and Zalgiris Kaunas all suceeded where Efes failed in the past, and got over the final hump. This year Efes is making a 5th run at the Final Four. Once again the team that stand in their way is Asvel Villerbaune. In the first game of the series Efes using a full capacity crowd who just would not stop screaming and a shooting touch that would make Robin Hood look with envy won the game 93-85 to go ahead 1-0. Damir Mulaömeroviç (pic) had 23 points and 8 assists with 5/8 from the 3 point range, Predrag Drobnjak added 23 points and 6 rebounds with 2/3 from the three, and Ibrahim Kutluay added 22 points with 4 rebounds while shooting 5/6 from the trifecta. All in all the home team shot a whopping %59 from the land of the three. Asvel hung tough and even went ahead by 1 late in the game for the first and last time before the sharpshooters of Efes responded. On the positive side for the French club they could go into the second game on Thursday thinking no one could shoot it that way again. And also the fact that the Efes Pilsen defense under the basket and in the three second lane did not look all that intimidating proven by the fact that Marlon Maxey had 25 points. There is also the fact that all the points for Efes Pilsen was scored by the starting five. Mous Sonko with 24 and Jay Larranaga with 19 also gave the Turkish defense fits at certain times. All in all the remaining game or games will be very interesting. If Asvel intends to break the hearts of Turkish basketball fans once again they will have to play the tough style of defense that they had been known for prior to this game..As far as Efes, hope and pray that nothing happens, major or minor to any of the starting five (Drobnjak twisted an ankle and left the game for a few minutes in which time Frenchmen had a cake walk underneath) and have Robin keep hitting them apples with those arrows

1/8 Finals

FC Barcelona – Ulker Istanbul 78-73 ,60-63 86-65

CSKA Moscow - Cibona Zagreb 72-75,75-55 69-78

Wennington Bologna – Benetton Treviso 82-73,77-61

Efes Pilsen – ALBA Berlin 90-81,93-73

Panathinaikos Athens - Buducnost Podgorica 65-59,64-77 78-61

Union Olimpija Ljubljana – Olympiakos Pireus 65-61,52-68 85-67

ASVEL Villeurbanne – Real Madrid 72-59 ,85-73

Maccabi Tel-Aviv – PAOK Thessaloniki 77-62,55-67,78-62

Ulker Genclik Istanbul (TUR) - FC Barcelona (ESP) 63-60 (30-35) (Allen 13+5ast, Yildrim 10, Sarica 16, Koturovic 6+6reb, Pope 6+5reb, Gunlum, Erdenay 12, Ozturk - Rodriguez  7, De La Fuente  7, Gurovic , Alston  14, Elson  6+6reb, Digbeu, Rentzias  7+11reb, Gasol  9, Goldwire  2, Navarro  8). Attn: 3,000
Barcelona was very close to be in the Euroleague quarterfinals, but Ulker managed to secure 3-points victory in Istanbul by using very tough defence in the second half. Next game in Barcelona on Thursday.
Ulker tied the series after an exciting game in Istanbul. Spanish giants Barcelona had a very good start taking a 10 point lead with Derrick Alston unstoppable in the paint.Ulker once agains was outrebounded by Barca. But this time they shot Free throws.In the last 2 minutes of 1st half Ulker made its run closing the half at 35-30 Barca leading.Turkish team made a good start to 2nd half. Barcelona struggled a lot against Ulker's zone defense.In 2nd half Barcelona found  points from Pau "The Kid" Gasol and 2 critcial 3-pointers from another kid Juan Carlos Navarro There was a tie 60-60 with seconds to go.The referees changed their decision and gave the possession to Ulker instead of a jump ball.But TV replays showed that they were right. Ufuk Sarica's free throw made it 62-60.Navarro missed  a late 3-pointer and Ulker got the victory. Game 3 is next Thursday at Barcelona (Caner Bulungiray)
Cibona Zagreb (CRO) - CSKA Moscow (RUS) 55-75 (33-31) (Giricek 18, Sesar 13, Prkacin 12+7reb, Nicevic 8+5reb, Krstic 2, Vrankovic 2, Marcelic, Baker, Alihodzic – Daineko 23, Kirilenko 18+8reb, Einikis 12, Karassev 8, Vetra 6, Alanovic 5, Koudelin 2, Skelin 1+10reb, Panov, Tikhonenko). Attn: 5,200
After first disappointment on their own court, CSKA crushed Cibona in Zagreb having excellent second half. The decisive game on Thursday in Moscow.
Benetton Treviso (ITA) - Wennington Bologna (ITA) 61-77 (34-38) (Edney 21, Marconato 13+10reb, Pittis 10+7reb, Sheppard 9+5reb, Nicola 5+5reb+6ast, Di Spalatro 3, Santos, Traina – Myers 19, Karnishovas 17, Galanda 14+7reb, Fucka 10, Vrankovic 6+10reb, Basile 5, Lacic 4, Pilutti 2). Attn: 3,076
Wennington beat Benetton again and now they are waiting for the winner of Maccai-PAOK pair. Both teams played very good the last evening. Benetton had some problems with Sheppard and Traina, but despite the lost game, they performed very well.
Paf Fortitudo confirmed to be the best Italian team in Euroleague, beating clearly Benetton on the road. Treviso payed again its minor size vs Fortitudo front line, and had bad percentages all the game. And some in defense of the green went bad, again, permitting too much second shots, and too much easy baskets to Paf, above all during second half. More, Nicola and Sheppard did not added their usual points, and here are the reasons of the loss. But sure, if Benetton wants to come back in Euroleague next season with success, has to add size, a man like the Rebraca they had last season has been lacked a lot tonight, even if Marconato has been one of the best. About Paf, now there is the very difficult quarterfinal vs. the winner of Maccabi-PAOK. Both these teams will be very well supported, by fans, media, and maybe FIBA (do you remember where Final Four will be played ?) and this adds some addictional difficulties. But Paf has the talent and the stamina to pass the obstacle. And some of its veterans are in great shape. More, the play of the team has reached a very interesting balance between inside and outside, and a good level of defense. Carlton Myers has been today the best scorer, but Karnisovas has been precious as susal, and Fucka and Galanda are very important, with their size and the mis-matches they can force opponents to. (Gianni Pascucci)
ALBA Berlin (GER) - Efes Pilsen Istanbul (TUR)
Buducnost Podgorica (YUG) - Panathinaikos Athens (GRE) 77-64 (Scepanovic 17(1), Pajovic, Brkic 8(2), Radonjic 10(1), Kusmanovic 8(1), Radunovic, Bulatovic 2, Tomasevic 26, Topic 6 - Kalaitzis 6(2), Koch 4, Rogers 8(1), Fotsis 10(1), Bodiroga 9, Boudouris 2, Rebraca 5, Burke 8, Katash 12(1))
Big surprise in Podgorica, where Buducnost defeated Panathinaikos in their 2nd game of the Euroleague 1/8 finals. The decisive game will be next week in Athens.
Tomasevic had 26 points as Buducnost took a 4 point-lead at halftime and made it 17 midway through the second half. Bodiroga and Rebraca combined 14 points, the lowest production this year, eliminating the chances for a 2-game qualification.
Olympiakos Pireus (GRE) - Union Olimpija Ljubljana (SLO) 68-52 (35-27) (Robinson 18+8reb, Tomic 13, Tarlac 8+14reb, Edwards 8, Grant 6, Vukcevic 5, Papanikolaou 5, De Miguel 3+9reb, Soulis 2, Ade Mensah – Jasikievicius 10+5reb+5ast, Milic 9+7reb, Zdovc 8, Kotnik 7+7reb, Duscak 6, Golemac 4, Paravinja 3, Brezec 2, Modric 2, Milacic 1). Attn: 3,500.
Olympiakos had to win the game against Union Olimpija and they did. Now the most important fight will be in Ljubljana next week, when the winner goes to the Euroleague quarterfinals. Olympiakos was much better on the boards having 18 rebounds more than Union Olimpija.
Olympiakos defeated Olympija playing very solid in defense. Robinson lead the game with 18 points while Olympija straggled shooting poorly from the field.
Real Madrid (ESP) - Villeurbanne (FRA) 73-85 (35-40) (Herreros 23+7reb+23steals(!!!), Djordjevic 16, Scott 13+11reb, Struelens 9+7reb, F.Angulo 6, Mikhailov 3, Galilea – Seals 27, Larranaga 22+5reb, Sonko 10+7ast, Bilba 9, Maxey 8+6reb, Pluvy 5, Blom 3, Percevault 1, Lauvergne). Attn: 4,000
Real upset Villeurbanne in France last week, and not was himself upset by Villeurbanne in Madrid. So we will have to wait for the third game in Villeurbanne to get the winner of the series. Will Villeurbanne be the “black horse” of the Euroleague?
PAOK Thessaloniki (GRE) - Maccabi Tel-Aviv (ISR) 67-55 (31-30) (Edwards 17+7reb, Alexander 16+14reb, Bhaloyannis 13, Bazarevic 11+5ast, Coldebella 3, Nikolaidis 3, Maslarinos 2, Peral 2, Angelidis, Prelevic – Huffman 11+7reb, Sheffer 11, Mc Donald 9, Henefeld 9, Jamchy 5, Shelef 5, Comegys, Brisker). Attn: 2,000
This time PAOK used the advantage of their own court and beat Maccabi in Thessaloniki. The third decisive game will be on March 9th in Tel-Aviv.
Paok ended Maccabi’s six winning streak tiding the series at 1-1. Four Paok players were in double figures. Edwards led the way with 17 and Alexander added 16. Paok committed to 23 turn-overs but the domination in both paints was enough for the victory.

FC Barcelona – Ulker Istanbul 78-73 (42-36) (Rentzias 19, Alston 15+6reb, Elson 13+8reb, Digbeu 7, Rodriguez 6+5reb+6ast, Navarro 6, Gurovic 4, Goldwire 4, De la Fuente 4, Gasol – Allen 23+5reb+5ast, Sarica 14, Koturovic 10, Yildrim 10, Pope 6, Erdenay 5, Ozturk 2, Topsakal 2, Gunlum 1). Attn: 5,200
FC Barcelona did not experience any problems in the game against Ulker. Turkish team tried to challenge host very hard, but they Barcelona was able to get significant point advantage in the second half. Barcelona took a 1-0 lead in the 1st round of playoffs after defeating Ulker. Ulker started well and both teams scoring points. But Barca opened the gap using their inside advantage against Ulker centers. There was a typical 2nd half. Barca tried to open the gap but Ulker didnot let. In fact Ulker could have stunned Barcelona but 2 main reasons prevented this upset: Barca dominated the off rebounds despite Duenas's absence and Ulker had a very poor FT% Efthimios Rentzias was man of the match for Barcelona coming off the bench.
CSKA Moscow - Cibona Zagreb 72-75 (Vetra 2, Karasev 134ast+6TO, Einikis 2, Kirilenko 17+6steals+3bl-shots+8rebs, Daineko 6+4ast+7reb. + Panov 4, Koudelin 11+4ast., Skelin 10+9rebs, Alanovic 6 - Krstic 7+5reb., Prcacin 5+5reb., Giricek 9, Marcelic20, Nicevic 1 - Vrankovic 4, Sesar 27+5ast.,+3steals+4TO, Zuric 1, Alihodzic 1)
I think, CSKA is the only one among 24-Top European clubs which can lost game after leading 25 points. CSKA and Cibona are similar teams - both prefer “open” game with a lot of fast breaks and penetrations, with a lot of 3-pointers. Both are unpredictable. CSKA looked very well in the first half. We saw the team extremely concentrated in defense, aggressive in offense. The superstitious beliefs of CSKA fans is - when Vetra scored 2 points first from the field, the team wins. Vetra was lucky to do it, fans were happy to see it. The hosts started to increase their advantage. +2 (2 min.), equal (9 min), +15 (16 min.), +25 (19 min.), +17 (buzzer). Andrew Kirilenko looked just delightful in the first half - 16 points +4 rebounds +2 assists (4 of 2-poiters, 2 of 3-pointers, 100% from field).  Vassilie Karassev - 3 fouls in 6 minutes. Even if he failed to hit, he threw free shots. The greatest gap from +5 to +25 was made by CSKA with Vladan Alanovic at playmaker position. He played wise and smart. What happened during the intermission?  From the beginning of the second half Cibona looked fresh, CSKA looked more tired. Almost 4 minutes they were unable to score, while guests scored 10 points (53:42, 5 min.). Due to free shots of Skelin and 2-pointer of Kirilenko (only one 3-pointer by Marcelic) CSKA got +12 (57:45, 8 min.) During next 3 minutes CSKA failed to score once more, while Cibona scored 7 points (3-pointer by Sesar, two 2-pointers by Giricek, 57:52, 11 min.). One more great episode by CSKA - and 68:52 (13 min., 3 free shots by Karasev, 2-pointer by Kirilenko. 3-pointer by Koudelin, 3-pointer by Karasev ). Karassev started playing at shooting guard position, Alanovic as playmaker. Next 3 minutes one more bad performance of hosts - 68:60, 16 min. And then frustration of CSKA… The hero of last minutes is Josip Sesar - 8 points from field +2free shots in last 2 minutes. Stanislav Eryomin said that he liked good performance of Koudelin and Kirilenko, both CSKA Croatians Alanovic and Skelin. He said that Vasilie Karasev “feels iuassured because Alanovic started playing better than Karasev”. Also he mentioned that he blundered in this game, especially at the end of the game, when CSKA had chances to win. (Marina Sorokina)
Wennington Bologna – Benetton Treviso 82-73 (45-30) (Basile 10, Jaric 0, Karnisovas 14, Fucka 23,  Vrankovic 10, Myers 13, Galanda 11, Anchisi 0, Pilutti 1, Ruggeri DNP, Gay DNP   Coach: Recalcati - Sheppard 15, Edney 15, Nicola 10, Marconato 9, Pittis 8, Traina 16, Nees 0, Santos 0, Bulleri DNP, DiSpalatro DNP, Coach: Bucchi)
Some say that Benetton was a little "rusty" after the two weeks of stop, the fact is that the greens started very badly, leaving to Paf almost all the rebounds, playing a bad defense, and not using the fast pace they are used to. At the other side, the home team was in perfect shape, and its defense was very good. Recalcati demonstrated one time more to be very smart, keeping Myers out from starting five, and giving Nicola, maybe the most dangerous opponent, to Karnisovas, who guarded him very well in defense.  But just when all the fans of "Fossa" were yet celebrating, Benetton wake up, and began to run. Paf was leading 69-45, and there were only ten minutes to go. But Benetton can frighten anybody, and, people, those last ten minutes ended 18-13 for the greens. This is, without any doubt, what all the Benetton players will think to till Thursday night. It will be a long 1/8 of Final. Best player for home team, Gregor Fucka, 23 pts and 10 rebs, unstoppable. Best player for Benetton, for sure the unexpected Brad Traina, 16 points in only 20 minutes of play, with three steals and some dunks of great level. (Gianni Pascucci)
Efes Pilsen – ALBA Berlin 90-81 (Kutluay 24, Drobjan 20+6rebs, Mulaomerovic 17+11ast, Besok 10 +12 rebs, Turkoglu 10, Onan 9 - Alexis 26, Dehere 12, Bogojevic 12, Rodl 9, Femerling 9, Hammink 7, Okulaja 6)
Turkish giants Efes Pilsen took a 1-0 lead over Alba Berlin in the prestigious Euroleague playoffs after a hard fought victory in Istanbul. Damir Mulaomerovic started the ball game suberbly with quick 3-pointers and incredible assists and Efes took the lead early and led by 52-41 at the interval. German champs Alba Berlin stunned the crowd with a magnificient run in 2nd half and erased the lead. But it was Turkish superstar Ibrahim Kutluay who took the control scoring key points and playing well in defense. Hidayet Turkoglu was the disappointing player of the game. Omer Onan contributed key points late in the game. Game II on Friday night in Berlin. (Caner Bulungiray)
Panathinaikos Athens - Buducnost Podgorica 65-59 (Bodiroga 18, Fotsis 14, Burke 8+7reb, Katash 8, Rogers 8, Kalaitzis 4, Koch 3, Rebraca 2 – Kuzmanovic 16, Scepanovic 10, Brkic 9+5ast, Topic 9, Tomasevic 8+8reb+6ast, Bulatovic 5, Radonjic 2). Attn: 5,000
There were 7 Yugoslavian players in starting lines of both teams, while both teams were lead also by Yugoslavian coaches. Despite the final result, Buducnost was equal opponent for Panathinaikos for the most of the game.
Union Olimpija Ljubljana – Olympiakos Pireus 65-61 (33-34) (Golemac 8 (1X3P), Milacic 2, Duscak, Modric 2, Brezec 2, Zdovc 13 (2X3P), Kotnik 18, Milic 12, Jasikevicus 7 (2X3P), Paravinja 1. 2P: 18/37. 3P: 5/12. FT: 14/26. RBS: 29 (19+10). Att. 4000 (sold out) - Edwards 15 (3X3P), Ade Mensah, Vukcevic, Papanikolaou 4, Robinson 22 (4X3P), Tomic, Tarlac 16, De Miguel 2, Grant 2. DNP: Soulis. 2P: 14/30. 3P: 7/19. FT: 12/20. RBS: 19 (17+2))
After three defeats (twice in season 92/93 and in Final-Four 1997) Union Olimpija first time in history beat Olympiakos. Greece team lead between 8. and 22.minutes, but never more than five points (23:28, 25:30, 27:32). Slovenian champions in second half-time made partial result 18:3 (from 33:36 to 51:39), Olympiakos seven minutes in row didn't scored and till 34.minutes scored only 9 points. Less than five minuts before the end Olimpija lead 61:48 and the missed six free-throws, Robinson scored 11 points and in his team came to 64:61. Jasikevicius 25 seconds before the end scored only first free-throw, then Edwards missed for three and Olimpija won.
ASVEL Villeurbanne – Real Madrid 72-59 (37-29) (Seals 19, Sonko 13+5ast, Maxey 11+7reb, Bilba 9+6reb, Pluvy 8+6reb+5ast, Larranaga 6, Blom 5, Percevault 1, Leuvergne – F.Angulo 13, Djordjevic 12+8ast, Scott 10, Struelens 9+6reb, Herreros 9, L.Angulo 6+5reb, Mikhailov, Galilea). Attn: 4,200
ASVEL was very focused on that game and they managed to win it with big points difference. But Real is very strong at its own court.
Maccabi Tel-Aviv – PAOK Thessaloniki 77-62 (45-31) (Sharp 18, Mc Donald 16, Henefeld 14, Huffman 13+11reb, Shefer 10+5reb, Shelef 4+5ast, Comegys 2, Brisker – Edwards 15+5reb, Alexander 13+7reb, Barazevic 13, Antunez 12+5ast, Prelevic 4, Angelidis 3, Coldebella 2, Maslarinos, Nikolaidis, Baloyannis). Attn: 10,000
Maccabi Teal Aviv got an important home victory over PAOK. Maccabi was supported by 10,000 fans gathered in the Yad Eliyahu court. The main key to the success was great defense used by Maccabi.