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Interview with   A.Karnishovas the Lithuanian NT leader

You have been playing in top 4 leagues in Europe and NCAA. Do you think the
NCAA level was higher than these 4 leagues?
Karnishovas: I think that European league is stronger than NCAA. In NCAA the game is really raw material,
the player are talented but still young and inexperienced. In Europe teams are looking for the all around
players, that can do a lot of thinks.

What do you think about chances of Paf Bologna in Euroleague this season?
Karnishovas: As always Paf is talented and full of great players but it is a question how can we demonstrate
that we are a good team. That we can answer in the playoffs.

Do you think that the process of leaving the top Lithuanian players is good or bad for Lithuanian
They can not get away from this process until the Lithuanian league gets better sponsors. This is
professional sport and players are looking for the best possible ways to make living in such a short career.
National team is other thing that has to do with a honor to play for your country, but professional career
should be in best interests of the players.

What is the secret of your excellent shot?
The secret is work and repetitions. Over and over and ...

You play typical European game: lots of shots and high percentage. But you succeeded also in the
NCAA playing that way for Seton Hall, despite Americans prefer their domestic players? What's your
opinion about that?
The Americans prefer good basketball, but the problem for the European player is that when they go to
United States they become one of them. They become one of the players. There are 300 schools in the
USA and it is hard to be noticed among them. Every player succeeds because of who he is as a player and
as a person. To have talent is not enough you have to put in a lot of work.

Have you had the chance to make it to the NBA? Do you still consider playing there?
Yes I did have a chance to go to NBA, I still consider playing there.

Are you thinking about finishing you career in Lithuania?
No. I play enough for the national team and about finishing basketball in Lithuania do not consider at this
moment but who knows maybe some day.

You still have some years to play. But what's about your plans when you retiree from active
basketball? Are you going to stay in basketball?
I do not have plans at this point. But basketball maybe involved in my future plans.

If you had a free choice, which country you played in, you would like to spend the rest of life?
I have been in many countries but at this moment I consider USA. I do not know what are my plans, so I do
not know the requirements of my next job and at the same time I do not know the country of my next

Do you still keep the contact with your former teammates from Seton Hall?
I go every summer to visit the school and I keep in touch with couple of the former players.